Portrait of Tum Preugpaibul, Advisor at Elite Admit.

Anusorn Preugpaibul


A Harvard Business School graduate, Tum is passionate in business development, merger and acquisition, and project implementation.

Over the past decade, as PTT’s scholar, Tum’s experience has been extensively spent developing and executing projects for PTT Group in international countries, namely the Philippines, Laos, and Myanmar, covering oil and gas, power and retail sectors.

In the Philippines, Tum has expanded new Café Amazon branches, Thailand’s most famous coffee chain, amongst competitive coffee market. He later spearheaded a successful joint venture project with one of the biggest Myanmar conglomerates, marking the entrance of PTT’s retail business into Myanmar.

With his family, Tum managed invested condominium units and provided numerous end-to-end condominium leasing, majorly in central Bangkok, to expatriates and working professionals.

All these on-the-ground execution equips Tum with experiences and business skills that allows him to understand business quickly and provide insights to support candidates.


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