Portrait of Fernie Martinez, Senior Partner at Elite Admit.

Fernando Martinez

Senior Partner

As an American working globally, Fernando’s 20-year career has included filmmaking, newspaper editing/writing, management, data analytics, and marketing. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, he worked as a Filmmaker, holding several titles including writer, editor, and director, while also developing the storytelling expertise that serves his admissions clients so well.

As a Freelance Writer for the Austin Chronicle, he wrote articles covering local film and television content in one of the most competitive markets in the country. As the Marketing Director for the Austin Film Festival, he oversaw the marketing, advertising, and social media for the yearly film festival, plus its weekly television program that aired in over 300 cities, as well as its podcast whose episodes have been downloaded over a million times worldwide.

During his 4 years as a Digital Marketing Specialist in Prague, he oversaw the content creation for several international clients of wide-ranging industries including Transportation, Healthcare, Fashion, Finance, and Manufacturing. Moreover, he has over 8 years of experience as an admissions expert, supporting clients from around the world with essay drafting/revision, resume crafting, interview coaching, and every other aspect of the application process.


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