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How to Apply for Round 2

How do I apply for Round 2 with so little time remaining? It is difficult, but definitely possible. The key will be remaining mindful of the non-essay portions of the application (o
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COVID & MBA (Visas, Round 2, Waitlist)

COVID-19 has disrupted essentially every aspect of our lives, so it is inevitable that your MBA studies or application process will be affected as well. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, people are posting

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Should You Ask for a Scholarship?

We always recommend not to do so. First, if schools want to offer you money, they will (more on that later). From a strategy perspective, if you ask for money, you’re requesting two things:

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How Fluent Should My Essay Be?

It’s okay to be imperfect, because perfection is implausible. You will never use as many articles as a native speaker, because Thai doesn’t have articles. You won’t say “that” every 10 words, which is

Student interviews for university admissions: A hand holds a pen, writing on a clipboard, while the interviewer attentively evaluates the applicant's profile with folded hands and a thoughtful expression.

AdCom vs. Alumnus(a) Interview

Big difference. Plus, there’s substantial variation within those categories as well. Let’s go through them from top to bottom. First, there’s AdCom (Harvard, Wharton, Sloan, etc.), Alum (Stanford,

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Did You Miss Round 1?

Are my chances as high? Absolutely (with a couple of exceptions). But most top programs are now splitting their intake evenly between Round 1 and Round 2. So the old saying “they run out of spots”


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